Somatic Expansion

Somatic Healing

These sessions are intended to heal the vagus nerve, strengthen the sympathetic nervous system, heal old trauma, and gradually increase our embodied sense of peace and stillness. It is a process that one learns through practice, and it is an incredible tool for personal evolution. It creates a level of presence and self awareness that supports deeper connection with others.

We start with noticing where stillness is most present in or around the body. Then we notice what is not still. We include thoughts, physical sensations and emotion. Through somatic practices we bring these elements together and bring healing to that which longs to be seen and heard. Sessions are 90 minutes long.


Introductory session $90

6 session package $500

Wellness Coaching

After overcoming IBS, SIBO, parasites, perimenopause symptoms, panic attacks and a sluggish liver, I have a lot to share about gut health and how to find answers when your doctor tells you all they can do is to help you learn to live with the symptoms. Through all the ups and downs of my healing journey, there were pivotal discoveries I made by endless researching and experimentation. I was always looking for the root cause of the disease. I’m not interested in band aids. I make use of functional medicine, accupuncture, herbalism, homeopathy, and holistic medicine. I have also found that western medicine was very helpful in some areas where others had no answers, so I don’t dismiss it. What I care about are results, and I’m open to anything that creates long term wellness. I’m for those who are interested in natural healing. If you won’t do anything a doctor wouldn’t advise, I’m not for you.

I fight for my client’s health like it’s my own. I had super disappointing experiences spending money hiring specialists that were unhelpful and couldn’t tell me more than I could google myself. I think when it’s your own illness, you have a different level of motivation to find solutions. You spend more time trying to make sense of the health puzzle, and often it is a big messy puzzle and its hard to know what is causing what.

Money Back Guarantee

My wellness coaching is affordable and comes with a money back guarantee that you will experience either improvements or a sense that our time together was helpful for you. Some cases are way easier to solve than others, and we can’t ever know how many rounds of experimentation will be needed to solve an issue, and if the root cause is emotional, physical or spiritual. In order to invest in you as I would invest in my own health and well being, doing ample research between our calls, I ask for a 6 session commitment minimum. I offer a monthly rate with 3 calls a week for maximum results. I also offer a free fifteen minute consult for you to see if you’d like to explore working with me.


Beginner Series: 6 one hour sessions for $300

Monthly support package: Up to 12 sessions in a month for $500. (unused sessions can roll forward to the next month)

Free Exploratory 15 minute call

In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer.

Albert Camus

It is a radical act to be big, to claim our birthright, to expand into the fullness of creation. It’s even more radical, almost unheard of, to do this while embodied. Stay in your body while you become the heavens! Rooted in the earth we expand outwards, fully embodied.