Somatic Expansion


Your own personally tailored, private retreat with a delicious menu of options to choose from, all curated from incredible local practitioners that we have collaborated with for years. These add ons are in addition to the basics of having your food, supplements, and charting all managed by Karin, as well as finding vagus nerve exercises that work best for you. She will also teach you how to create these rhythms at home, be it cooking yourself or finding a qualified chef to prepare your food and help you create your daily flow. You can leave with the confidence of continuing this at home.

Our trusted local practitioners offer yoga privates, Byron Katie work sessions, astrology readings, shamanic healings, breathwork sessions, chiropractic care, structural massage, sound healing, cranial sacral work, accupuncture, herbalism, hypnotherapy, past life regressions, family constellations. There are grief rituals, ecstatic dance opportunities, fire circles and everything alternative and new agey that you can think of in Asheville. We will direct you to highly trained professionals you can trust.


We need each other, but more importantly, you are needed! It can be easy to forget that others need us. People we haven’t even met are depending on us to show up, be vulnerable and available for authentic, deep connection. Now, I’d guess you also need this too! It takes courage to show up to a new place and put ourselves out there. As an introvert and extrovert, we are sensitive to the nervous systems of the groups we lead. We like to be silly and have fun, and we love to go deep and sit with all the big emotions. We create a safe space to go deep together, and we will hold you with whatever arises. A group of attuned nervous systems in an unconditionally loving space is profoundly powerful. Amplification becomes threefold in a group healing container. AKA we heal faster together.

Radical self acceptance… then BLOW out the ceiling.

It is a radical act to be big, to claim our birthright, to expand into the fullness of creation. It’s even more radical, almost unheard of, to do this while embodied. Stay in your body while you become the heavens! Rooted in the earth we expand outwards, fully embodied.